Revenue Cycle Services

Cost-effective solutions to simplify your revenue cycle. 

Medical Billing

Cathode Healthcare focuses to bring its methodical business acumen and driven management style to U.S soil to recover and structure the existing medical billing process and showcase the finesse art of structured claim processing methodology.

Medical Coding

Cathode’s dedicated team of medical coders review inpatient and outpatient records to ensure all diagnoses are coded according to strict CPT, ICD-10, HCPCS, and DRG guidelines.

A/R Follow-Up

We maximize recovery efforts by organizing denied or aging claims by timely filing and dollar amount. Once the most urgent and profitable claims are determined, we put in the work.

Patient Eligibility

Let us handle the time consuming job of collecting information on a patient’s eligibility prior to a medical service. We can quickly collect dates of coverage and copay and deductible information.

Pharmacy Billing

With Cathode Healthcare, you can focus on providing exceptional patient care while leaving the intricacies of pharmacy billing in the hands of our experts. Experience peace of mind and improved financial outcomes with our end-to-end RCM services tailored to meet the unique needs of healthcare providers in the USA.

Dental Billing

Efficient dental billing stands as a crucial cornerstone of every dental visit. In this realm, Cathode Healthcare emerges as a leading provider, offering unwavering support and unmatched expertise in managing the intricate service process revolving around patient billing and insurance claims. The seamless processing of billing holds the key to ensuring the utmost satisfaction for all patients, and Cathode professionals excel in their proficiency in handling these tasks, delivering unique service to their valued customers.

Discover the benefits of transitioning your Revenue Cycle and Patient Experience processes to Global.

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