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Aakash Sirusshti


Meet the dynamic CEO, a leader with a wealth of experience in strong leadership and successful management of start-ups. With an unwavering passion for entrepreneurship, he has fearlessly embraced the challenge of building, scaling, and nurturing business that serves clients globally. However, it is not merely about business expansion for him. He takes pride in fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and employee development, to drive exceptional results.

Karthick Mani


Our money master, who is our NO.1.go-to person for all things Money, and the architect of our prosperous future. He possesses the expertise to navigate the intricacies of budget allocation and strategic fund utilization. His ability to tailor financial solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients in nothing short of remarkable. He is the driving force behind our Finance Formula, ensuring that every financial decision is made with precision and foresight.

Aravindhan Vaidyanathan


Meet our head of tech, the embodiment of dedication and passion for technology. Sometimes we all wonder if he is married to his computer, that is the extent to which our head of tech is immersed in is code. In a world where digital experiences are increasingly vital for success, he is the heart of our organization’s growth and impact. “Simple but effective” is more than just a motto for him. He believes in the power of streamlined solutions that deliver outstanding results. Through his work, he demonstrates that simplicity can be the key to unlocking the full potential of technology.

Prasanna Kumar


His strategic approach to excellence has propelled us to consistently exceed expectations. In his pursuit of operational excellence, he meticulously analyzes every aspect of our processes, seeking out opportunities for improvement. He believes “The result is a finely tuned system that maximizes productivity and delivers top notch.”

Krishna Kumar Palanisamy


Visionary architect behind our organization’s data driven success. His diligent attention to detail and robust data security measures ensure that our client’s information remains safe and confidential, ensuring trust and confidence in our services. His ability to extract meaningful patterns from complex data sets has unlocked hidden potential and uncovered valuable opportunities for growth and optimization.

Ashik Balaji


A man with commitment to excellence, dedication and collaborative spirit make him the heart of our project management. He empowers his team members, encouraging open communication and embracing diverse perspectives. He has an innate talent for breaking down complex tasks into manageable milestones, making seemingly impossible become achievable. His ability to stay level-headed under any circumstance sets the tone for the entire project team, fostering a culture of composure and efficiency.

Jananee Amar


She is “The true face of our company”, embodying excellence and charm is instrumental in bringing us an abundance of amazing clientele. Her finesse in work speaks volumes about her years of experience, having worked with industry giants and served global clients. What sets her apart is her engaging personality and authentic interest in understanding client’s needs, forging strong business relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

John Britto


He is an integral part of our organization, known for his unmatched expertise. He orchestrates the day-to-day functioning of our company with finesse and precision. His attention to detail and organizational prowess keeps our operations finely tuned, allowing our team to focus on delivering top-notch services. He holds the key responsibility, ensuring seamless efficiency and performance throughout the organization.

Heena Christy


As the mastermind of our Human Resource Management, her enchanting support fuels our growth and success in the end-to-end process. She ensures excellence in all we do, empowering each team member to thrive and contribute their best to the organization. Our HR Wizard truly believes that compassion is the key to success. She helps us achieve success, while promoting a workplace that feels like home.

Harini B Murugesan


A Boss-lady who drives us all. She empowers us to soar beyond boundaries, driving us to achieve greatness. Her charismatic energy keeps us on our toes. She says, “Our culture is defined by employees who share and embody the vision, mission and values of our organization, while striving for nothing less than the utmost client service and ensuring unparalleled client satisfaction.”

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